Authenticity‬ Guidelines‬

None of these rules are “hard and fast” — there may very well still be HUGE omissions (so far, it’s only a start), and I don’t expect them to be *enforced* 100% (for example: most blogs running WordPress will have profile pictures imported from a WP project called GRAvatar). That said, here are my tentative “Authenticity Guidelines” (so far):

  1. Website Name has to be a dictionary word
  2. Word (see #1) has to refer to common understanding of term
  3. [Obvious] No forwarding to another site
  4. Content should not be imported from other sites
  5. No sharing of any user data with other sites
  6. Signs of life: Recent content, blog, etc.
  7. Bonus: Engagement / Open two-way communication with user community
  8. No “Ads” (perhaps difficult to turn into an algorithm, but humans can easily recognize whether a link to 3rd party content is advertising/paid/sponsored)
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