Is this an EPIC FAIL or what?

I came across a website today that has an immensely valuable domain name, but which I feel failed miserably with respect to the “Authenticity‬ Guidelines‬” we use to evaluate websites. This seems very odd. 😐

Firstly: If you visit the site, I think you can expect your “privacy” to be severely violated. Your browsing information will be shared widely — with many dozens if not hundreds of companies… most of which are in the advertising industry. If you are nonethless “OK” with that — or if you are prepared and feel you have taken all the necessary precautions to prevent such an attack, then please be my guest and go ahead to follow the link to

I warned you! 😉

If you followed the link, then you will probably see many ads. If you search for lyrics, you will receive rather sparse (and in some cases erroneous) information. If the song you searched for is a standard (and therefore has been covered by many artists), you will be given each and every one to pick from (not just the “original”, but all of the duplicate lyrics of every cover of that song).

Nothing about this website is well managed. The site even uses the “comic sans” typeface. It has typos galore. And what is more: the lyrics informations are mostly “user generated content” — in other words: contributed by anonymous users. If anyone wishes to contribute information, the site will ask you to verify that you are not some machine or robot by using a captcha verification test.

Why is this site so decrepit?

I would think that the domain “” is so valuable, that it would be in a better state. I could easily improve the quality of information by using just a slightly different approach. Maybe I will post more about that soon, but right now I am wondering what other people think.

If you have ideas, please write about them and add a ping / trackback link to this post. I will be happy to engage by writing a reply post to yours. Thanks!! 🙂

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Authenticity‬ Guidelines‬

None of these rules are “hard and fast” — there may very well still be HUGE omissions (so far, it’s only a start), and I don’t expect them to be *enforced* 100% (for example: most blogs running WordPress will have profile pictures imported from a WP project called GRAvatar). That said, here are my tentative “Authenticity Guidelines” (so far):

  1. Website Name has to be a dictionary word
  2. Word (see #1) has to refer to common understanding of term
  3. [Obvious] No forwarding to another site
  4. Content should not be imported from other sites
  5. No sharing of any user data with other sites
  6. Signs of life: Recent content, blog, etc.
  7. Bonus: Engagement / Open two-way communication with user community
  8. No “Ads” (perhaps difficult to turn into an algorithm, but humans can easily recognize whether a link to 3rd party content is advertising/paid/sponsored)
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